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DynoSYSTMis a unique adjustable venturi stainless steel merge collector systemthat simplifies dyno testing, enabling you to quickly and painlessly tune your header dimensions and determine the correct collector outlet size for various engine combinations.

DynoSYS offers these exclusive advantages

  • Saves cost when compared to buying separate collectors for back to back testing.
  • Allows easier, simpler R&D testing when tuning header system to new engine configurations.
  • Eliminates the bother of changing hot collectors on dyno headers - just slide out one venturi group and slide in another - leaving the collectors in place.
  • Available in 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, and 5-1 configurations
  • Custom built to your primary and outlet size specifications.
  • Venturi angles, both convergent and divergent, have been extensively tested.
  • Venturis custom-sized based on your engines breathing characteristics.
  • Exhaust system design consulting using our
    X-design parametric exhaust modeling.

DynoSYS is typically supplied with
3 or 4 different venturi inserts.

Please call for details