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304 stainless steel tubing combines excellent physical properties with a remarkable resistance to corrosive agents found in automotive exhaust emissions.

304 tube is the most cost-effective grade of nonmagnetic stainless steel for general applications, but some professional racing teams use the higher heat-resistant properties of aircraft grade 321 stainless steel.

We have considerable experience with stainless header fabrication and will gladly advise our valued customers.

304 stainless steel OVAL tubing offers the same benefits as round stainless steel tubing, but with the ability to fit into tight spaces or applications with low ground clearance.

Our Oval Mandrel Bends are available in 45, 60, and 90 degree angles. The 3-1/2" parts are stocked in the normal 5.5" Center-line radius, and are also available with a 9" CLR, which nests outside.

321 stainless steel tubing is one of the most desirable materials for exhaust systems because of its excellent resistance to fatigue and cracking at elevated temperatures.

It is usually the material of choice for high temperature turbo applications, unless extreme requirements indicate the use of Inconel.

For U–bends and J–bends you can determine the CenterLine Radius ( CLR ) by measuring across the outside edges of the bend, subtracting the tubing O.D., and dividing by 2.

A JB-225-40-16-304, for example, measures 10-1/4” across the outside edges, and has an O.D. of 2-1/4”. Subtracting 2-1/4” from 10-1/4” gives 8”, and dividing by 2 equals 4”; thus the CLR is 4”.

Custom bending is available for quantities of 50 pieces or more.