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B-Tec Tunable Collector

B-TECTM,the Burns Tunable Exhaust Collector , is the
ultimate solution for classes that dont have to run tailpipes.

B-TEC, the Burns Tunable Exhaust Collector,is the on-track evolution of our DynoSYS adjustable merge collector, originally designed to assist the dyno testing of collectors on different engine combinations.

Late in the 2000 drag racing season, a few Pro Stock racers, impressed by their dyno results, starting running DynoSYS collectors at the races, with great success. Bingo, another Burns Stainless star was born - The B-TEC.  It has, during 2001, become very much in demand in NHRA Pro Stock Car and Truck classes, and can even be used on Pro Stock Bikes.

Available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 into 1 configurations, B-TEC adds about 8 to 10 ounces of extra weight to each collector. The minimum set consists of a merge collector with adapter neck, one venturi insert, and a special slip megaphone with reverse cone.

You gain the ability to quickly and precisely tune your torque curve based on track and atmospheric conditions, and to adjust the header system to mechanical changes at the track on race day.

The difference can be remarkable - as much as 15 horsepower on a well developed Pro Stock 500 ci motor when the weather varies drastically. Call for more info, or take a look under some of the really fast Pro Stocks.

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Ready to Rumble


Included in this set are three sets of venturis, along with the B-TEC collectors and slip megaphones.
The stepped sleeves in the lower right and left of this photo are used only with the longer, smaller diameter venturis.


This pic shows the collectors with the sleeves and smallest venturi inserts, ready for the megaphones to slip on.