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For those fabricators who do not have access to a tubing expander, Burns Stainless offers both Double and Single Slips that can be welded to your fabrications. Slips are short expanded tubes that "slip" over a tube where two tubes are joined.
Double Slips are used in applications that are under pressure (i.e. turbo-manifolds), or where minimal leakage is required (i.e. up stream of an O2 sensor or in a street car where an exhaust leak would be unacceptable). The Double Slip does three things at your joint seam; it forms an excellent seal, it provides flexibility, and allows for disassembly.

Single Slips are most commonly used for naturally aspirated exhaust applications where a pipe joint is needed. The single slip can be butt-welded to the end of one pipe and will slip over the other end. Single slips are available in a wide range of tube sizes between 1-1/4” OD to 5” OD. The slip depth is between 1-3/4” to 2”.

Slips are made to order and are specified by the outside diameter.