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Stainless Steel Polish

Burns Stainless Exhaust Header Polish

“Manifold Destiny” has been developed and used by Burns Stainless specifically for cleaning and polishing stainless steel and Inconel®exhaust components that have been discolored, stained, or oxidized.The formula also works wonders on other hard metals such as chrome. The compound is aggressive enough to revive severely discolored exhaust headers, yet fine enough to leave behind a smooth mirror-like finish on bright polished stainless steel exhaust tips. The product is ideal for both race car teams as well as hot rod enthusiasts. It will work wonders on your barbecue grill too!

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Manifold Destiny Stainless Polish (S)
Small 2 oz. Jar SS Polish

Instructions for use by hand:
Manifold Destiny Stainless Steel Polish Instrucitons

Here are some before and after shots of Manifold Destiny being used on different objects:

This section of 304 SS had been super heated with a torch, getting it hotter than it would likely be in practice.
  Still, the polish did a great job of doing exactly what it was supposed to do: Clean & Polish. Imagine that!
Comparison Stainless Steel metal Polish

This saltwater fishing boat has been sitting uncovered for the last 15 or more years, the
polish did a fantastic job of removing the layer of oxidation and polishing the chrome right up!
Manifold Destiny Stainless Steel and Chrome Polish