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Transitions are swaged tubes that taper from a small diameter to a larger diameter.  They are available with either a Long (14º) taper, or a Short (30º) taper.  Normally, a 2" long straight section is provided at the small end.  Transitions are made to order and are specified by the small diameter.  To calculate the length of the tapered section, subtract the small diameter from the large diameter and multiply by 4.07 (Long) or 1.87 (Short).
Long Transition Length = (ODlarge - ODsmall) * 4.07
Short Transition Length = (ODlarge - ODsmall) * 1.87
To order, choose the material type, then select the Large or Short taper. Then select your Outside Diameter (OD), then your Wall Thickness (gauge).
For example:
Material - 304SS
Gauge - 16, 0.065" wall
Small OD - 2"
Taper - Long
Part number would be RD-200-16-304-L
Once you have chosen the part number, choose the "Large End OD" using the pull down menu.
304 Transitions
304 tube is our most
cost-effective grade
of nonmagnetic
stainless steel.
321 Transitions
321 tube is our best
high-temperature grade
of nonmagnetic
stainless steel.
Aluminum Transitions
6061 aluminum is
the most popular and
versatile alloy for
intake and cooling systems.
Mild Steel Transitions
Mild Steel tube is for
applications that do not
require the performance
of stainless steel.
Round to Oval
Oval tubing is used primarily
to reduce ground clearance.
It also adds a very classy
appearance to an exhaust system.