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X-Pipes / Y-Pipes

X-pipes and Y-pipes are constructed much like our 2 into 1 base collectors and feature the same premium quality workmanship and 100% internal polishing. 

Please note that custom X-pipes and Y-pipes are available to be ordered.  
You can specify the diameter at the junction, as well as the configuration and spacing of the inlets and outlets.  Pictures may not be representative of your application.


An X-pipe consists of two collectors welded end to end. Standard X-Pipes are parallel inlet and outlet with 1/2" spacing between legs

Parallel inlet and outlet
(Shown with optional wide spacing)

Splayed inlet and outlet

Splayed inlet - parallel outlet

X-pipe_wb              Xpipe-splayed1wb              X-pipe-splayed             

Y-pipe is basically a 2-1 merge collector.  Standard Y-Pipes are parallel inlet with 1/2" spacing between legs. 

Parallel inlet (standard)

Some Y-Pipe examples

Splayed inlet

 Ypipe_std To calculate the price of a custom Y-pipe, find the price of the appropriate 2-into-1 Base Collector, then add the price of the proper sized transition and $30 for the tail ring.

Y-Pipe for BMW e30 M3