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Collector Mufflers

Burns Stainless is now offering Ultra-light Merge Collector Mufflers.  These Collector Mufflers have been designed for Drag Racing classes that require mufflers, and have been run in many other types of racing including boat racing. They offer a suitable lightweight and compact solution while still conforming to the rules. Collector mufflers combine Burns merge collectors with ultra-light mufflers and most weigh under 6 lbs and are shorter than 14”. Constructed from 304 Stainless steel, and completely TIG welded for maximum durability.  Each collector muffler is engineered for each application utilizing our proprietary
X-design software, providing maximum torque and horsepower. Providing enhanced engine efficiency and response to tuning.  Mufflers are available in 2 to 5” ID and 6” to 17” length.  Please call for your custom application..