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The Duck Commander 500The Duck Commander 500!
FORT WORTH, TEXAS – The Duck Commander 500 was run at…. What, Duck Commander? What the heck is that? Yep, The Duck Dynasty clan is now the official sponsor of a NASCAR race. Can’t get more redneck than that! I Digress…. Texas Motor Speedway. It was a nice run for Joey Logano and the Team Penske who won the race following a strategic pit stop during the final caution...(Read More)
2014 wyotech brute horsepower shootout Wolfgang Grasser
This is a video of our customer Wolfgang Grasser, Mutant Motors winning first place in Wyotech 2014 dyno shootout during Daytona Bike Week...WATCH
Dyno - Burns Stainless Cans vs. Magnaflow
If anybody has ever considered going to Burns Stainless cans, here are the side-by-side dyno results vs a Magnaflow. This is on a 3.4, 10:5.1, GE60, 46mm PMO's. Both are bolted to...READ MORE
New Stainless Steel Polish!
“Manifold Destiny” has been developed and used by Burns Stainless specifically for cleaning and polishing stainless steel and Inconel® exhaust components that have been discolored, stained, or oxidized. The formula also works wonders on other hard metals such as chrome. The compound is aggressive enough to revive severely discolored exhaust headers, yet fine enough to leave behind a smooth...READ MORE
           "Mufflers? Well you came to the right place!"
For over 20 years at Burns Stainless, we have been Designing, Fabricating, and Supplying PERFORMANCE exhaust systems and components. We realize that you may have to sacrifice sound level when you build an exhaust system to maximize power. The attached youtube clip is a great example of how our mufflers are able to balance sound levels in an exhaust system operating at peak power. READ MORE
New Discounts
Burns Stainless is introducing a new pricing structure. As we have grown, our customer demographic has changed. Initially, we sold products almost exclusively to race teams and fabrication companies, with few end users. Today, as the Burns Stainless brand has gained popularity, we are seeing many more non-motorsports business customers. Since motorsports businesses are the core of our customer base, we want to ensure that they receive the best pricing available.READ MORE
We are thrilled to offer our customers the best values on custom exhaust kits, header collectors, race mufflers and many other performance enhancing parts. Our customer service methods, product selection and quality are unsurpassed in the industry. Our merchandise features something for everyone; from the professional racer to the novice fabricator who is just getting their feet wet.

As a craftsman-owned and operated company, we are dedicated to outstanding customer service practices. We encourage our customers to reach out to us with any questions they may have about our products. In addition, if you can’t find something on our site, don’t hesitate to ask us. If we don’t have it, we will gladly find it for you. While our area of expertise is in performance enhancing auto parts, our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding products and service.

Take a few moments to browse our site; not only will you find a huge selection of custom exhaust components, but you’ll find useful links, the opportunity to sign up for our newsletter as well as articles with helpful tips and tricks.