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Zoomies vs Collectors
There is no disputing that Pro Mods are the fastest doorslammers on the planet, regularly clocking 5-second quarter-mile elapsed times at over 250 mph. The class features numerous engine combinations with displacements ranging from 450-990 cubic inches, and any manner of power adder be it supercharger, turbocharger, or nitrous oxide injection. Racers are always looking for a competitive...READ MORE
Burns Stainless Heavy Duty Mufflers Are Now Available
Burns Stainless LLC has now made available their Ultralight Racing Mufflers with extra duty scrubble packing which may be purchased directly online. Scrubble is an extra duty muffler packing material used to pack mufflers that will be used in extreme applications where the standard glasmat packing will not withstand...READ MORE
No Holds Barred” Corvette C6 Competition Exhaust Muffler System by Burns Stainless, LLC“No Holds Barred” Corvette C6 Competition Exhaust Muffler System
Burns Stainless Continues to Innovate in Motorsports - The NhB Racing Exhaust is a serious racing-only exhaust system that amazingly sheds half the weight (25-pounds) off of the stock muffler system with a true three-inch core diameter for improved flow, resulting in faster acceleration and improved handling...Read More
 Rick Houser is # 1 Qualifier  Rick Houser is # 1 Qualifier Are Burns Collectors Really the Best?
Burn’s customer Rick Houser is # 1 Qualifier in SS/AH at the NHRA Indy US Nationals Hemi Shootout. His team chose Burns collectors specified by our B-Tec system. Read More

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