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Merge Collectors

For custom Merge Collectors and recommended header specifications, please fill out
(as much as possible) and submit a Race Engine Spec Form or just give us a call!

What about standard Merge Collectors?
Our Base Collectors perform very well also. Made in the same way as our Custom Merge Collectors, our base collectors are built to work well in a wide variety of applications. If you would like us to recommend a base Collector for your application please contact us. Otherwise, our popular base collectors are shown below.

We also offer Collector Mufflers!

To order a Merge Collector, please contact us by email or phone.
This is to ensure we provide exactly what you need.         Office: 949-631-5120

All of our merge collectors are designed using
We also offer Collector Mufflers!,
304 tube is our most
cost-effective grade
of nonmagnetic
stainless steel.
321 tube is our best
high-temperature grade
of nonmagnetic
stainless steel.
Mild Steel tube is for
applications that do not
require the performance
of stainless steel.
Five years ago, and TL Race Cars embarked on a Project Car which had spent three decades rusting away in Tim Minton's junkyard. Here is the story of how Burns Stainless, LLC is helping to bring life to this 3 time IHRA World Champion: "Installing the Burns Stainless header"...(Watch Video)

More Info:

Check out our Techonology page, for all kinds info, from double slips to welding tips! Custom Merge Collector info is located here: Custom Merge Collectors. For any Merge Collectors not listed, email our engineer and we will be happy to assist you. For a more complete description of Collectors please visit the Merge Collector main page.